Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Burst my Bubble

Last night I had my "my children are still so innocent" bubble burst. I was reviewing the history of my computer, which I do ever so often to ensure my bubble does not pop.....when I discovered.....NAKED PICTURES OF GIRLS SERCHES AND VIEWS!!!!!!! I knew it would happen, I did, I talked to myself about it and said when the time came I would gracefully go to said child and explain that exploration into sexuality is normal and if there are any questions please feel free to ask......However, this was NOT my reaction. I hollered up to my 2 oldest children, who were blissfully unaware of what I had seen.....and I hollered!!!! Ugh, I promised myself I would NOT do this, and I did. I promised myself I would be the mother who would take each milestone and explain it with no anger or judgement. Well, I broke my promise. Neither child would admit to it, although I cannot say that I blame them. But then that brought out my anger at simply being lied to....even worse in my mind than looking at nude of my children is bold faced LYING to me!!!!! I mean I know which it was. I have a daughter who is 10 and a son who is 9.....still, I want an admission. I may be expecting too much, but I have banned computer and internet from both children until one comes clean.
Fast-forward to today. I will now go back to my propmise to myself to sit with my children and explain that this is a normal part of growing up. However the family computer is NEVER to be used for such things. Wish me luck in tonights convrsation.....I will keep updated on that outcome.


  1. LOL!!!! I think my first reaction would be to flip also, however, I HOPE not. My son has a computer w/internet access in his ROOM...and he is gonna be 13 soon. I KNOW I have to check the history every so often, but I'm scared. I may just make Hubby do it for me. I check his FB/Twitter from my computer, but I'm scared what I'll see on his! :/

    Good luck w/the convo!!!

  2. Just take a deep breath, and remember - "innocent until proven guilty"! Like you said, it's a normal part of growing up. As long as they understand the boundaries, things should be fine.

    Wifey's right though - makes me wonder what might be on our son's computer... Hmmm... may have to check that!

  3. Ok, so it went well. I brought my son to my room, shut the door as not to embarass him in front of his sisters. I asked him...was it you that went to those sites?? He says yes mommy and I won't ever do it again...he looked like he was going to cry, he is my only boy and he hates disappointing me. But in this instance I could not be mad at him at all. I told him I am not mad at you for looking at those sites, I am upset that you lied to me. I told him I understand that he is curious, and it is very natural for him to want to explor. However I explained that this being a family computer it is not ok. I asked how he would feel if his 3 year old sister...who comes on the computer quite frequently...came across those sites. He said he would not like it. I know he will explore these things a million times more, but I feel better to have had this chat with him. I am proud that he came clean, and I am proud with myself with getting through this with my only son. It was not as bad as I thought it would be ;)

  4. Oh, good!!! Glad all ended well!!!