Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The wonderful world of pills

I have this itch I need to scratch...I am simply baffled by my discovery, I feel almost naive to it. I was sitting at a friends party recently, when the conversation turned to what meds everyone was on!!! I myself am not on anything but Aleve, the occasional tylenol PM and the nightly cocktail.....I was amazed at how many people are taking pills for everything and anything! I know some people truly need these pills, However....why is it so freely given. I mean it seems to be the instant thing to do...got a headache, heres a pill, feeling down, heres a pill, cramps??? Heres a pill. I get it, but I dont. What happened to taking a walk, clearing your mind, finding a hobby, talking things out???!!! Am I alone in thinking that a pill doesnt fix everything...is it a wonder that so many people are addicted, that there are babies withdrawing from pills after their mothers give birth?? Me??? I write, I take a walk, I work out, I call a friend, I scream a little, I sleep....but pill pop???? I dont want it...the side effects??? No thank you!!! Have you read the side effects?? Alot of these pills arent even taken by the prescribed, they are sold to dealers who turn around and sell them at higher value!!! I mean all the power to making a buck if its available, I dont knock anyone trying to do so, and maybe thats what it is in the end....doctors make money from recurring patients, pharmacists make money from recurring patient, street pharmacists make money from recurring patients.....however how effective can these drugs be for the actual problems???? I'm not mad just amazed....and as I said perhaps naieve to it all.


  1. To each their own, however, I've never been on pills for anything, aside from antibiotics or tylenol/advil. I can't even take narcotics when they're prescribed because my stomach can't handle them. Society is ALWAYS looking for an easy out now a days. Why work on your probs when there is a pill for every feeling? :/

  2. Yes to each their own, but if it was never offered so easily people would have had to find alternative solution. I guess my undestanding of wanting to rely on a drug that may help 1 issue but would cause a possible 50 more issues, Ill go without.