Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am new to blogging.....however I am so excited with so many things running through my head I don't even know where to begin....before I go too far I figure I will introduce myself....kind of. I am choosing to stay anonymous.....my reasoning??? I want people to give me thoughts and opinions on my thoughts and opinions with no holds bar....I may know you, but I don't want agreement because you know me, or hatred because you dont like me. These are simply my thoughts and I want pure conversation and honest responses. I will promise to give the same. I am a single mother.....I work full time...I come from a large family. I am known for my big heart and desire to have everyone get along. I take pride in being the best mother, friend sister, daughter, aunt that I can. I may piss people off with what I have to say, but do not take offense for it is simply my opinion. We are all entitled to one, right or wrong. Feel free to make me understand some of my misunderstandings...I embrace all things. I love to learn new things, so feel free to educate...again, I may not agree but I will respect your opinion!!!

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